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Organise your life with LEGRABOX

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Sick of clutter filling up your drawers? Blum's LEGRABOX system makes organisation a breeze – in any room

In your bedroom, use LEGRABOX to sort out those smaller clothing accessories and nicer pieces of clothing you'd rather keep safe


What if storage didn't have to be a pain? What if, instead of losing clothes, shoes and accessories, you always knew exactly where things were?

This clever system from Blum could be exactly what you've been looking for.

LEGRABOX is a drawer system that opens and closes smoothly, and comes in a number of styles and sizes. Want to take advantage of all that empty space underneath your bed? Simply install the drawers and you'll have a place for shoes, winter clothes and boxes.

In the laundry, you could add drawers that wrap around the sink basin, giving you an easy space to store brushes, bottles and other cleaning supplies.

You can also pair LEGRABOX with AMBIA-LINE, a series of dividers you can slot right into the LEGRABOX drawers.


Take a look through the gallery above to see how you could use LEGRABOX in your home.


The elegant box system is characterised by a slim design with straight sides and a particularly high quality of motion. Its streamlined design has already won several international awards. LEGRABOX is as wide-ranging as the concept of 'home' itself; it can be used for any application in any part of the home. To go with this, there is AMBIA-LINE, an inner dividing system that has been specifically tailored to match the design. For a harmonious overall look in all living spaces.

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First published date: 02 March 2018

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