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To maximise a great view, bifold doors and windows from Rylock® were specified for this coastal house

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Hilltop homes often command great views, but they can also be exposed to the elements, which makes the choice of joinery critical.

The coastal hilltop house featured on this page is a good example. Designed by architect Graham Pitts and built by Rob Littlejohn Builder, the house features Rylock® Natural Anodised aluminium joinery, which was specified for its performance and its looks.

The architect says the house is exposed to extreme weather conditions, so the joinery needed to be able to withstand strong winds and rain from many directions. As the house is also subjected to salt spray, Rylock's anodised joinery was chosen for its extra corrosion resistance.

Bifold doors and windows are important elements of the design, says Graham Pitts. The house needed to open up fully to the sun and views, and the bifolds allow for a seamless flow between indoors and out.

"The continuity of ceiling and flooring materials also leads the eye out to the view, even when the bifolds are closed," says Pitts.


Low sills were incorporated into the window design so the view down to the coastline would be unimpeded.

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First published date: 22 October 2004

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