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To create a contemporary look for this house, the design features Rylock aluminium windows and bifold and sliding doors

Open outlook


The location and features of a site are a strong design influence. Rural areas with pleasant outlooks can safely feature large amounts of glazing, while on cramped city sites, the windows need to be more carefully placed.

This house, designed by Design Construction Home (DCH), is located semi-rurally, among bush and large trees. With no neighbours, and a site that faces north, large doors and windows that do not block the view make good design sense.

To maximise the advantages of the site and create a contemporary look, DCH specified aluminium joinery from Rylock for the entire house. Rylock Foldback® bifold doors fold in against the building line, leaving decks and views completely clear.

The house also features Euroslider sliding doors, which incorporate a flat-surfaced sill, eliminating the bottom track and leaving the base smooth and easy to keep clean. Both products are exclusive to the Fletcher Aluminium network.

Director of DCH Grant McIntyre says he specifies aluminium joinery from Rylock for most of his building projects because it is the only company in New Zealand that offers these products.


"In addition to the product range, we appreciate the customer service and reliability – deliveries are always on time," says McIntyre.

For more information, contact Rylock Auckland, phone (09) 916 4695, or visit the showrooms at 16 Polaris Place, East Tamaki, or 48 Ellice Road, Glenfield. .

First published date: 17 October 2007

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