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On the forest’s edge

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This home, built into a rock high above a valley, opens up with generous views of the surrounding area

This home has a solid foundation, having been built into a rock


Architect: Helena Weber architects
Photography by Adolf Bereuter

From the article: Above the valley, in which the Ill ravines its way into the Rhine through gorges, stands the residential house near the edge of the forest, integrated into a characteristic natural scenery.
Built on the rock, the building unfolds a diverse spatial landscape due to the intelligent use of the terrain on two levels. With a few architectural gestures, a place is created which, in addition to protective retreats, also offers space sequences with generous openings towards the valley.
Interrelated interiors and exteriors of varying quality characterise the atmosphere.


On the massive floor of the building, dug into the slope, from the exposed concrete, the slope of the hillside rests, the wooden living room. A rhythmic fan made of deep panes of white panes envelops it like a warm fur.

First published date: 08 June 2017

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