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The benefits of glass blocks are being seen in many avant-garde and ecologically conscious projects around the globe

Offering a clearer view


Architects and designers are always seeking innovative, eye-catching and cost-effective ways to incorporate new and existing building materials into their designs.

Gary Walden, managing director of Eurobrik, says glass blocks are becoming increasingly popular internationally for both commercial and residential projects.

"Overseas, designers and developers are looking for building materials that are more energy and cost efficient, and glass blocks are an obvious choice," he says.

One design firm experimenting with glass blocks is Berlin-based company Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architects. Its recently designed Bürohaus Amsinck office block in Hamburg features a striking 180m-long curtainwall-type façade made from Solaris Sahara Clearview glass blocks.

As well as accentuating the building's sharply angled design, this special double-glass façade has helped eliminate the well-documented ‘sick-building' syndrome caused in part by soundproofed windows and air-conditioned work areas.


In addition to its soundproofing properties, this ecological glass-block façade offers benefits such as reductions in heat loss and solar gain, both of which result in substantial energy savings. In winter the heating costs are reduced by up to 50%.

For more details, contact Eurobrik Products Ltd, 277 Mt Smart Rd, Penrose, Auckland, phone (09) 589 1992.

First published date: 23 August 2004

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