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New in-mirror television technology means giant leaps in viewer convenience, presenting you with the nifty opportunity to multitask in the mornings. Now you can catch breaking news and brush your teeth at the same time.

H2Otv offers television solutions for some surprising situations – not least the bathroom, says owner Graham Osborne.

"The Living Mirror television is an architectural television solution that hides the high definition LCD television in the mirror. These waterproof televisions don't need special cabinets or extra ventilation, and are easily mounted on any wall."

The in-mirror television includes a special polarised system embedded in the glass, controlling light transmittance and reflection. With the television turned off you are simply looking at a large mirror.

In addition, the technology allows for the low-profile inclusion of a television in a waiting room, boardroom, retail area or outside area – anywhere that will benefit from a wow factor. The slender 1m x 600mm mirror hides the 19-27" television panel, which also has a slim profile – with image clarity unaffected by steam.


For further information, contact H2Otv, PO Box 33-500, Christchurch 8244, phone 0800 H2o tvs (426 887). Email: .

First published date: 01 May 2011

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