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New take on minimalism

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Contemporary interiors may still be uncluttered, but there's a shift towards a warmer, more comfortable look, says Bos Design

New take on minimalism


In the past few years there has been a strong move towards streamlined, minimalist home interiors. With a design focus on harmony and balance, these interiors frequently feature fewer, but more carefully chosen, items of furniture.

While the uncluttered look is still in vogue, there is a move away from the cold, sterile look of many minimalist interiors. Bos Design director Loes Bos says homeowners today are taking a more personal approach to the design of their homes, and are looking to introduce elements of warmth and character.

"Minimalism doesn't have to be impersonal," she says. "While it is still important to place objects and furniture to avoid a cluttered look, there is a greater awareness of comfort. Introducing warmth and character to a minimalist interior can be done through colour, texture and materials. Wood furniture, for example, can bring character and visual warmth to a room."

In keeping with this trend, Bos Design recently released a new range of solid Victorian ash furniture. The Domain collection has simple, clean lines and a natural finish, which allows the grain of the wood to be a feature of the furniture.

"When you have a minimalist-style interior, details in simple objects become important. But they might go unnoticed in a more cluttered environment," says Loes Bos.


The Domain range complements Bos Design's extensive range of lounge and dining furniture.

To help you achieve the look you want, the company offers a full interior design service. Furniture can also be custom made to ensure the proportions are right for your home.

For details, contact Bos Design, 65 Walls Rd, Penrose, Auckland, phone (09) 579 1116. For nationwide stockists, freephone 0800 8255 2267. .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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