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New Ricoh Auckland office is a showroom for innovative office technology solutions

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Corporate office for Ricoh in green building with showroom to demonstrate new office technology systems in action

New Ricoh Auckland office is a showroom for innovative office technology solutions


Change is inevitable, but when it is embraced and used as a platform for development, it can open a raft of new business opportunities.

This is precisely the way leading IT company Ricoh has transformed its operation for the digital age. And the move to new Auckland premises has been instrumental in showcasing the company's new office solutions.

Managing director Mike Pollok says Ricoh is no longer simply "the photocopier company".

"As part of the eighth-largest IT company in the world, we have developed a whole new range of products utilising the latest digital, GPS and cloud technology to streamline office operations in the digital world.

"To best illustrate these solutions, we have created a ‘live' office environment. The entire office is essentially a showroom that demonstrates how much better and how much more efficiently and simply an office can be run with smart solutions that can future-proof a business. Whether it's an accounts payable system, a tracking system, or a way to electronically archive and retrieve documents, clients can see it in action right here."


Pollok says the office, designed by David Evans of Hauraki Design, also reinforces Ricoh's commitment to staff wellbeing and sustainable design solutions.

"We have created a fantastic environment for staff, and are working hard to eliminate the roadblocks that traditional businesses have so that the whole office is working smarter and is more energy and cost efficient."

For more information, contact Ricoh, phone (09) 374 0701. Email: Or visit the

First published date: 02 February 2015

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