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New plank and tile range offers an advanced contaminant-free, easy to cut or shape base material

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Waterproof, light, and highly stable, a new base product to New Zealand – Ceramin – underpins a variety of plank and tile options from Creative Flooring

New plank and tile range offers an advanced contaminant-free, easy to cut or shape base material


There are a variety of base elements used for plank and tile flooring options in this country, such as MDF. However, a recent introduction from Germany is set to scoop the pool in terms of material advantages and sheer ease of use.

A stable ceramic-based carrier board – but lighter and easier to work with – Ceramin offers architects and interior designers a fresh material option, says Garth Dye, managing director of Creative Flooring, sole distributor of Ceramin products in New Zealand.

"Ceramin's components are bonded at low temperatures, in a low emissions production process," says Dye. "This contemporary base material has many advantages, including being completely waterproof, robust, lightweight and easy to cut or shape with a Stanley knife. It's also extremely stable and won't shift, or move, when exposed to changes in temperature."

There are three principal products underpinned by this contaminant-free Ceramin base.

Neo.2 is a go-to residential plank and tile flooring option, offered in a variety of sizes. The decor pattern – and there are many options – is printed directly onto the Ceramin flooring.

The Sono range is mainly in natural-look finishes and is ideally suited to commercial, heavy-traffic floor or wall surfaces.

Last, there is Vario. Offered in a variety of tile formats, this product is ideal for both wet and general areas. It can be laid directly over existing tiles, saving time, hassle and money.

For further details on the Ceramin ranges, contact Creative Flooring, phone (09) 440 9625. Email:, or alternatively head


First published date: 25 October 2017

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