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Titanium zinc cladding on modern building

New Kid on the block


There's a certain expectation that a new building introduced to a heritage streetscape will be of a similar stature in terms of architectural merit.

The new ASB Community Trust building, which adjoins historic Allendale House, is such a project. Designed by heritage architectural firm Salmond Reed Architects, the building features custom titanium zinc Eurowall standing seam cladding and matching trim and raingoods, all of which were fabricated and fitted by Metal Design Solutions (MDS).

Jan Alberts of MDS says that right from the outset the architects had a clear vision of how the building would look, right down to the minutiae of every detail.

"It was a very considered, careful design approach, which is reflected in the completed building," he says. "The new contemporary architecture preserves and enhances the dignity of the existing heritage building on Ponsonby Road."

The attention to detail extends to the apparent randomness of the width and length of the panels on the cladding, which were all pre-determined.


"The large triangular rain heads are another distinguishing feature," says Alberts. "They are very playful, yet precise. The building also benefits from the play of light on the titanium zinc cladding, which changes according to the time of day."

Alberts says that in addition to the pleasing aesthetics, titanium zinc provides a highly durable cladding well suited to a range of applications.

For more details, contact Metal Design Solutions Ltd, PO Box 33, Drury, Auckland 2247, phone +64 9 640 0009. .

First published date: 31 March 2014

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