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For heat control that is environmentally friendly, economical and effective, the Eco Insulation range is made from natural New Zealand wool

Naturally effective


Comfort, warmth and clean, healthy air are something we all expect from our home insulation. But what about the long-term health of our greater environment? A toxin-free insulation product is a kinder option for the planet.

Eco Insulation offers pure wool insulation for clients seeking a warm, eco-friendly home, says general manager Paul Apperley.

"Wool is a safe, natural insulator – it's nontoxic, sustainable, recyclable and user-friendly to install. Our options include Ecofleece, a soft, natural New Zealand wool insulation blanket," says Apperley. "Ecofleece is designed to fit snugly into the walls and ceilings of new and existing houses. The high-grade wool has excellent acoustic and humidity control qualities, and is also competitively priced."

For hard-to-reach spaces, Ecowool is a pure wool, loose-filled option. This is designed for insulating low-pitched roofs and confined ceiling spaces, and installed professionally using a machine-blower.

A third option is Ecotherm, a polyester product, designed for underfloor insulation.


Eco Insulation won Best Emerging Business Category in Westpac's North Shore Business Excellence Awards in 2003.

For details, visit the Eco Insulation showroom, 17 Arrenway Drive, Albany Heights, Auckland, phone (09) 477 0270, fax (09) 478 7771. Email:, or visit the .

First published date: 18 January 2006

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