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Natural footing

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Natural footing – Kauri Warehouse expands your design options

Natural footing


Recycling is essential for the good of our environment, and recycling and repurposing takes this to the next, more versatile, level.

Kauri Warehouse Ltd is a leading supplier of New Zealand timbers, specialising in recycled flooring. With stocks of rimu, matai, kauri and tawa, the firm can help architects, designers or specifiers to match an existing floor or create a superb look for a new-build project, says manager Joe Davy.

"As well as recycling beautiful old floorboards we also offer another interesting service. We can take weatherboards off a house, strip off the paint and repurpose them as tongue-and-groove floorboards.

"We did this recently for the Yellowfox fit-out of Moa Business Studios. On this project, we sent out our own team to strip the weatherboards to ensure we gained the maximum yield. The floors in the original Moa Hall were generally in good condition, but in places where walls had been realigned, additional flooring was needed to transform the old building into the pristine business spaces required."

Kauri Warehouse also carries the Rickman Mouldings range of pine and Pacific rimu mouldings, and has supplies of recycled Australian hardwood beams.


"Hardwoods are popular for both residential and commercial renovations, while pine is more often used in new buildings," says Davy.

Auckland Timber Floors, an arm of Kauri Warehouse, offers the expertise needed to achieve a feature timber floor for a project. This includes everything from laying, sanding and polyurethaning to splicing into existing floors, patching and repairs.

For details, contact Kauri Warehouse, phone +64 9 276 7633. Email:

First published date: 31 March 2014

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