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Movie star shine

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Revel in a little Hollywood glamour by illuminating bathroom mirrors with parallel strips of light

Movie star shine


A s we prepare a face to greet the day each morning, something as simple as bathroom lighting can make a positive difference.

Inspired by the romance of film, where actors undergo their transformation in studio dressing rooms, Lighting Direct's bathroom range is a modern take on a grander age.

General manager Dean Fulford says a highlight of the company's Eglo range of European lighting is the Fresh collection.

"It evokes the golden age of Hollywood when movie stars like Grace Kelly and Cary Grant were the embodiment of glamour and style," he says.

The clean finish and sleek lines of the Fresh light strips complement the minimalist look of modern bathroom interiors. The G9 halogen light bulbs provide bright intense light, which is enhanced by the acid finish of its glass enclosure.


Another collection of Eglo bathroom fittings is the Zola series. This product is illuminated with three incandescent lamps set behind opaque glass. It gives off a white glow, for an even dispersal of light.

Both the Fresh and Zola collections can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. The latter application reduces shadowing on the face, says Fulford.

For further information, contact Lighting Direct, phone (09) 273 3444. Or direct.

First published date: 21 June 2005

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