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Modern take on tradition

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With its hip roof and expansive glazing, this home was influenced by the design of local bungalows and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright

Modern take on tradition


Modern materials are a key feature of the house, helping to enhance its contemporary styling. Along with the extensive use of glass, the designers specified aluminiumlouvres from LouvreTec Products.

To provide shade from the afternoon sun in the double-void living area, 180mm-wide airfoil louvres are fixed to the second storey. Smaller 120mm-wide airfoil louvres provide a decorative feature above the main entrance and the garage, while 70mm-wide mini louvres feature on the gate. The louvres are powdercoated in Silver Pearl.

Developer Gerry Wilkinson says the louvres were chosen to blend in with the architectural concept, adding a strong, contemporary touch that works well with the glazing and joinery.

LouvreTec Products manufactures a wide range of aluminium louvres, from 40mm to 370mm widths. These can be anodized or powdercoated in a wide range of colours. While the louvres on this house are fixed, adjustable and motorised models are available.

For more information, contact LouvreTec Products, PO Box 300-328, Albany, Auckland, phone (09) 415 4949, fax (09) 415 4990. .


First published date: 24 August 2003

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