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Modern pavilion home

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This countryside home is surrounded by towering old growth oak trees in a picturesque forest setting

This old growth tree draws the eye in the front yard


Architect: Samsel Architects

About the project (text supplied): The residents of this modern pavilion home retired at an early age to fulfil their dreams of starting a farm and living off the land. They purchased a 40-acre farm in the foothills of North Carolina with remarkable mountain views and towering old growth oak trees.

The L-shaped house organises public and private spaces around the largest of the oak trees and creates a protected and intimate outdoor terrace. Our clients’ vision was a house that could open up to the land, so operable doors and a mosaic of windows connect the living spaces to the surrounding landscape and brings daylight in on three sides.

Extended visits by family from South America presented a unique design challenge that was resolved by creating a sturdy structure and flexible spaces to accommodate a series of hammocks that can be hung from the roof at night.


First published date: 20 December 2017

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