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The design of a vast manufacturing facility built five years ago has proved so successful that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation chose to repeat the formula for their latest project

Model workplace


No matter how efficient and effective the design of a large-scale HVAC system, it needs to be backed by a reliable plant. For the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare building, Cooke Industries was subcontracted by Airpro Mechanical to supply Airpak air handling units and Trox Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal boxes.

Business Manager Andrew Cooke says the company manufactures the Airpak units, which filter and condition the air, removing heat, moisture and contaminants.

"Cooke Industries supplied 40 units within a short time frame," he says. "These have a marine-grade aluminium construction to suit the exposed nature of the building site. We were also able to incorporate many features to meet the high standard required."

Cooke says the company supplied similar units to the two earlier stages of the project.

The Trox VAV terminal boxes, imported by Cooke Industries, incorporate a measuring grid and damper to meter conditioned air into the different spaces for cooling, as well as electric reheat for heating.


Cooke Industries specialises in the supply of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and acoustic equipment to large-scale commercial and industrial projects. As well as a large number of standard products, Cooke Industries is able to bespoke engineer and customise products to clients' requirements.

For details, contact Cooke Industries, PO Box 12-021, Penrose, Auckland 1642, phone (09) 579 2185. .

First published date: 20 September 2006

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