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The design of a vast manufacturing facility built five years ago has proved so successful that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation chose to repeat the formula for their latest project

Model workplace


With a building the size of three football fields, the installation of HVAC equipment is sure to be a complex undertaking. For the new Fisher & Paykel Healthcare building, the job was contracted to Airpro Mechanical. The company specialises in both the design and installation of HVAC systems – from small domestic installations to large-scale projects.

Construction manager Peter Hawkins says the system for this project was designed by the consulting engineers – Stephenson & Turner.

"The engineers provided general arrangement drawings," he says. "Airpro then carried out detailed shop fabrication drawings so the plant could be made to measure."

Hawkins says the installation was one of the largest projects undertaken by the company.

"It was also a challenge from a programming and logistics point of view, as the majority of the work needed to be completed within six months. The challenge was further compounded by the fact that most of the work was carried out 6m above floor level."


Hawkins says Airpro sourced the plant from a variety of suppliers and subcontractors, including Cooke Industries. The finished system incorporates 6km of pipe work and involved approximately 35,000 man hours.

For more details, contact Airpro Mechanical, PO Box 104-166, Lincoln North, Henderson, Auckland 1230, phone (09) 836 4441, fax (09) 837 3020. .

First published date: 20 September 2006

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