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Mico Bathrooms specialises in high-quality bathroom products and materials

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Professional design service plus quality bathroom products, including modern tapware, basins, bathtubs, toilets, shower fittings at Mico Bathrooms

Mico Bathrooms specialises in high-quality bathroom products and materials


Admiring fabulous new bathrooms in glossy magazines is always inspiring, but it takes a visit to your local bathroom store to truly see the potential for your own home.

Mico Bathrooms brings it all together, no matter whether you are planning to replace a single fixture or require a whole new bathroom. The 45 showrooms nationwide present a huge spectrum of products and brands, because Mico Bathrooms understands that clients have different tastes, and different-sized budgets.

General manager Bryn Harrison says the company supplies high-quality products in varying price brackets, so customers can rest assured they are always getting the best value for money.

"Because we are such a large bathroom merchant, we partner with the best global brands and are able to provide very competitive pricing," he says.

"Our focus is on aspirational design. A great bathroom can add value to your home. Typically the bathroom is not a room that is changed out frequently; therefore at Mico we work with you to ensure we select the perfect solution for your needs."


Key products on show include fixtures and fittings that reinforce a sense of sanctuary and simplicity. Freestanding sculptural bathtubs, refined vessel basins, sleek, contemporary tapware and minimalist vanity units are just the start. There are also myriad shower systems, and toilets featuring the latest water-saving technology. The spotlight is also on accessories, which take on an important role.

Harrison says Mico can assist with pulling your ideas together to make the process as smooth as possible.

"This is where our experienced bathroom consultants can help," he says. "They know exactly what items work well together and how you can get the best-looking bathroom no matter what size your budget."

Harrison suggests customers book a time with their local store to talk to a bathroom consultant, who can discuss what's involved in choosing a new bathroom, and help with the design and product selection.

It is also a great idea to study the 2015 Mico Bathrooms book, which has many new and exciting design suggestions. This can be ordered by phone, online or picked up in a showroom.

There are also two other very good reasons to come into a store – there is easy access, with car parking, and the stores always have a great range of specials on offer. More often that not, they are the very products you may have had your eye on for your own project.

For more information, or details of your nearest Mico Bathrooms showroom, phone 0800 844 448.

First published date: 30 April 2015

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