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Project management specialists Carson Group played a multifaceted role at Sylvia Park

Meeting of Minds


COMPLEX IS a word that doesn't even come close to describing the intricacies of planning a project the size of Sylvia Park.

To assist the development and construction of Sylvia Park, KIPT enlisted project management specialist Carson Group from the outset. As development project manager, Carson Group undertook a multi-faceted organisational role, with responsibilities as diverse as procuring the architectural design and consultant team, obtaining consents, procuring and administering the various building contracts, and negotiating with companies such as Metrowater and Transit over infrastructure.

To minimise the client's exposure to risk, Sylvia Park was arranged into a number of discreet precincts, says the Carson Group's project leader David Cockell.

"This required breaking the project up into numerous sub-projects, which were allocated to various parties on the basis of their demonstrable expertise," he says.

"Carson Group was engaged from the early stagesof the project to procure the consultant team and manage the delivery of the project through the feasibility, consent planning, procurement and delivery phases."


Besides being responsible for project management, Carson Group also acted as the tenancy fit-out co-ordinator, which involved ensuring that each tenant's fit-out was integrated with the base infrastructure of the building and delivered in accordance with project-specific guidelines.

"Because of the scale of this development, careful planning was necessary to make sure that the numerous programme milestones were able to be met. To date, 105 tenancies have opened in two stages, with not a single tenancy missing their opening date milestone – a feat rarely achieved on a shopping centre project of any size."

For more information, contact the Carson Group, Level 5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland, phone (09) 379 9463, fax (09) 307 2654. .

First published date: 12 December 2006

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