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Making the connection

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Linking the diverse elements of the new Britomart Transport Centre was the job of a range of designers and specialist consultants

Making the connection


Keeping a tab on costs as the Britomart project progressed was an ongoing exercise for quantity surveyors WT Partnership. Director and principal cost planner Pete Sammons says that financial accountability to the key stakeholders was of paramount importance from the outset and resulted in weekly cost reports being prepared and presented to the Britomart Project Group.

Sammons says the company's experience was an asset in preparing costings for the seismic upgrade and refurbishment of the former CPO.

"WT Partnership has a track record in refurbishing heritage buildings," he says. "However, the lowering and conversion of the ground floor into the main rail station entrance and the construction of the underground concourse were complex. Similarly, the glasshouse involved a substantial amount of research on the different products available to find the most cost-effective solution."

Project post-contract surveyor Mark Revis says finding the right combinations of materials for the streetscape work was also critical, as just a small amendment to one detail could amount to a large financial variation for the entire project.

For more details, contact WT Partnership (NZ), PO Box 7340, Auckland, phone (09) 300 7800.


First published date: 12 October 2003

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