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Making the connection

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Linking the diverse elements of the new Britomart Transport Centre was the job of a range of designers and specialist consultants

Making the connection


In keeping with the international trend towards the revitalisation of inner city areas, Auckland's new Britomart Transport Centre is also an urban renewal project and heritage precinct.

Architect Mario Madayag says integrating these diverse elements into the existing urban environment was a major design challenge.

"The overlying philosophy was to capture the spirit of the city and to create a sense of place," he says. "Therefore, the design of the project and the selection of materials express the geological, botanical and historical aspects of the area.

"It was also important to study the possibilities and opportunities generated by the new transport centre, such as the development of an urban village. In that sense, this is an ongoing project."

Madayag, formerly from California, moved to Auckland in 1999 and established Mario Madayag Architect (MMA). In 2000 the company was short-listed by the Auckland City Council in the international design competition for the Britomart project. For its largest project to date, MMA invited local architects Jasmax to collaborate on the design.


For details, contact Mario Madayag Architect, PO Box 106-241, Auckland 1, New Zealand, mobile 021 665 837. .

First published date: 12 October 2003

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