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It's easy to enjoy the cosy warmth and efficiency of a gas fire, thanks to the Zero Clearance Box from Rinnai

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If the idea of a cosy fire appeals, but is something you thought impossible for your own home, then it's time to think again. Thanks to modern gas fire technology you can now enjoy the ambience of an in-built fire and the benefits of an energy-efficient heating system – and you don't need an existing fireplace to make it happen.

Rinnai has developed the Zero Clearance Box, which allows you to install a Timberflame Radius or Compact fire against any wall of the house. The galvanised metal of the box isolates the fire from any combustible material. This means you can build a mock chimney around the firebox, as shown on these pages, and create a fireplace that looks as though it has always been there.

There are many other advantages to installing a Rinnai Timberflame fire, says Rinnai marketing services manager Audrey Smith.

"As well as having the convenience of instant heat with none of the hassle of sourcing solid fuels, Timberflame fires are a more efficient way to heat your home," she says. "And the Electronic Timer Remote gives you absolute control. Without having to get off the couch, you can turn the fire on and off – or make it warmer and cooler."

Smith says in-built electronics in the fire itself offer a variety of sophisticated features, such as temperature control, preset timers and a myriad safety features. Modern technology has also made the fires easy to light. Timberflame gas fires feature continuous spark ignition, which eliminates the need for a pilot light.


"In addition, the amount of heat generated by these fires belies their size." says Smith. "The Compact fire, for example, can warm a room up to 56m2 in New Zealand's coldest regions. In warmer climates it will heat up to 78m2."

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First published date: 07 May 2004

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