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Luxury harbourside residence by designer Claire Rendall

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An ugly 1970s concrete shell is transformed into a richly textured residence with multi-cultural references

Renovated harbourside home by designer Claire Rendall


Interior designer Claire Rendall talks about her work on a contemporary Sydney harbourside project.

Sydney Harbour is one of the most extreme environment’s you can imagine so there were plenty of challenges with this project.The atmosphere is similar to being on a yacht with extremes of heat and strong sunlight and then incredible damp and humidity.

Strong UV protection was used on the windows but carefully selected to avoid giving the interior a ghastly “tobacco,” filter effect.


The building was initially an ugly 1970’s concrete shell.When starting a project we always ask the client to sum up a few words what they would like to see in the project.We hate to trudge out the same old style and want to make a clients dream home come true.

We have a strong ability to pick out from seemingly casual conversations what will make the client tick and get into the psyche of what a client wants.My client wanted the home to be ‘sumptuous’.

For the basics we used 200-year-old oak from a tobacco factory in the Loire, solid walnut skirting boards and doorframes.All the doors are bespoke with detailing in fine veneers and handmade bronze door handles.

The walls are polished plaster, the aluminium door and windrow frames were replaced to be frameless.State of the art technology and security has been incorporated into the home.The paintings were lit to bring them alive and the client needed entertaining spaces that were cozy.

The client’s reaction to the project?

“I never thought it would be this beautiful,” he says

First published date: 08 January 2017

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