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This bathroom uses a number of different materials to achieve a luxurious, elegant look

The Valchromat-provided materials in this room create a look that’s both elegant and luxurious


Design: Valchromat

Architect: Aclaene de Mello

From Valchromat: This bathroom was designed with the theme “A look changes everything”. Architect Aclaene de Mello dedicated the space to modern, hardworking and successful women.

It’s minimalist, elegant, luxurious and irreverent. There are also a number of materials present throughout the space, including Valchromat coatings. These coatings stand out in this room, providing shadow and movement.


"Today we are no longer talking about walls, but rather about surface design.Wall and floor coverings are increasingly important guidelines in any interior design project,” Aclaene de Mello explained.

First published date: 27 April 2017

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