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Lively precincts

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People-friendly streetscapes are revitalising our cities, as the Fort Street, Auckland upgrade by Boffa Miskell illustrates

Lively precincts


Urban renewal is not just about repurposing buildings – it's also about transforming streets, paths and laneways to create pedestrian-friendly precincts that support a variety of activities.

In Auckland, this revitalisation is a key part of a multimillion-dollar CBD upgrade undertaken by Auckland Council. Boffa Miskell, a leading environmental consultancy specialising in planning, landscape architecture and urban design, has been working closely with the council to upgrade key streets and open spaces to international standards.

The Fort Street upgrade, shown here, features both conventional and shared space streetscapes. Boffa Miskell project manager Michael Hawes says the upgrade removed kerbs and installed level paving across the full width of the street. Conventional traffic control devices, such as signs, barriers, bollards and road markings are kept to a minimum.

"In the absence of these conventional street cues, motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to engage more carefully with their surroundings and with each other."

Hawes says the shared space better integrates the area into the surrounding street network and gives greater priority to pedestrians.


"It also creates a distinctive, durable public space, providing opportunities for the area to be a popular destination in the CBD – a space that supports both businesses and residents.

"Boffa Miskell took a very open, holistic approach to the design, engaging all parties in dialogue, testing and review. The subsequent feedback has been highly positive in all respects."

For more details, contact Boffa Miskell, phone (09) 358 2526. .

First published date: 06 October 2013

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