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Lightpack system turns your living room into a light show

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By plugging this LED strip and control system into your TV, you can have your own private light show at home



In the beginning there was complete darkness.

And then there was a Lightpack to bring some light to your experience. Lightpack 1 was successfully funded on Kickstarter with a half a million dollars in 2013.

But that was a Lightpack for computers.

And now we made a Lightpack for everything.

Lightpack 2 is a lighting set that brings you a whole new experience while watching movies by lightening the background of your TV and room.


Lightpack 2 has 4 HDMI inputs to connect all of your media devices to your TV. Lightpack controls a LED strip that contours to the back of your TV and can include what we call Pixels: wireless LED-based lighting modules placed on the wall around the main screen.

Lightpack uses complex, patented algorithms to process the input video signal and conduct this ambient backlight orchestra. The result is a huge improvement in your overall viewing and gaming experience.

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First published date: 18 August 2017

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