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Lighten your step

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Accentuate the architectural features in your home with recessed step lights and ornate wall lamps from Lighting Direct

Lighten your step


The special features in an interior design that distinguish your home are elements that you want to draw attention to and emphasize. Lighting can offer some interesting possibilities.

Stairways are often used for dramatic effect, and in recent years, step lighting has become a major component in an interior lighting design, says Dean Fulford, general manager of Lighting Direct.

"The Eurolight step light creates pools of warm illumination that highlight the contours and details of a stairway," he says. "The 90mm square fixtures have an acid-front glass that gives off a soft, diffused light."

To create the best effect, the recessed step lights are positioned above every fourth step, 200mm above the tread.

Decorative wall lights are another style of lighting that is gaining popularity. Used to illuminate the surface in a focused area, the range of fixtures themselves can create an interesting effect. With ornate European styling, the wall lamps shown here create a wash of light that frames the mirror.


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First published date: 20 May 2003

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