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Lifts and escalators at tertiary campus and transport hub. Lifts are monitored remotely

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Vertical transportation in the MIT Manukau campus is smooth and quiet, with the latest lift and escalator technology from Otis

Lifts and escalators at tertiary campus and transport hub. Lifts are monitored remotely


It is to be expected that a new building will feature the very latest smart technology. At the MIT Manukau campus, this technology extends to the lifts and escalators.

Otis Elevator Company supplied and installed two Otis escalators and eight Otis Gen2™ Premier2 elevators. Belt technology, in place of ropes, provides for an especially smooth, quiet ride.

Both the lifts and escalators have regenerative drives, which provide power savings. The Otis Remote Elevator Monitoring System (REM) helps to maintain equipment reliability – Otis says it's like a technician checking your lift 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The REM system allows the company to identify potential problems remotely and in many cases Otis can attend to them prior to any breakdown or before the tenant knows there is an issue.

To maintain reliability of lift communications at all times, REM carries out frequent voice tests.

The company also provides the Otis Elite™ Service for elevators in the MIT campus. In addition to Otis trained field technicians, remote engineers are on hand 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. These engineers specialise in remote technology diagnostics, and in many cases can restore a lift back to service more quickly than sending a technician. Where a technician is required, they know exactly where to start, thanks to the REM technology.


The Otis escalators are a heavy-duty option, designed to accommodate the large numbers of commuters heading to and from the train platform on the lower level.

For more details, contact Otis Elevator Company Limited, PO Box 25, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, phone (09) 259 6200. Email:

First published date: 20 August 2014

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