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Let there be light

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There's no need to sit in the dark. Solatube skylights provide an easy way to introduce natural daylight into interiors

Let there be light


Skylights have always been a good way to bring natural light into a dark room. But for many homes, they have seemed an impossible solution, due to structural issues associated with conventional skylights.

Solatube skylights from Hometech can overcome this problem in many situations. The new Infinity series Solatube skylights have an aluminium light shaft that is nearly 100% reflective, which provides 35% more light than previous models, says Auckland manager Mike Cullen.

"This means the skylights can be installed where the distance between the ceiling and the roof is as great as 10m," he says. "Many homeowners have installed a Solatube skylight on a steeply pitched roof, with the tube running through an upstairs wardrobe to bring light to a ground-floor room. The skylights are also widely used in apartment and terraced housing where there may be minimal windows."

The company says Solatube skylights are not just an effective and unobtrusive means of getting daylight into dark rooms, they are also a sustainable, energy- and cost-efficient design choice.

Hometech also supplies ventilation solutions and has a nationwide network of installers.


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First published date: 12 October 2003

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