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Lasting impression – 2 Halzeldean Rd by Calder Stewart

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BRB technology used by Calder Stewart in ChCh

Lasting impression – 2 Halzeldean Rd by Calder Stewart


Everyone in the construction industry has taken a close look at building methodologies following the devastating Christchurch earthquakes.

For this new building in the Hazeldean Business Park, developer Calder Stewart Industries investigated several bracing technologies with structural engineering firm Structure Design. Calder Stewart development manager Kevin Arthur says the team settled on buckling restraint bracing (BRB) technology, using a system pioneered by Star Seismic in the United States.

"This system provides a yielding steel core that is encased in a concrete tube, which in turn is encased in a steel sleeve. When the building moves, the brace uses the ductility of steel to absorb the energy, while the sleeve stops the brace from buckling. The braces allow sustained, repeatable performance."

Arthur says a key benefit of the system is the way it can be disconnected and replaced following a major incident.

"We also like the way the BRB technology spreads the gravity load evenly across the entire building more effectively than the other systems we studied. This lightens the load on the foundations and makes the system more cost efficient."


The building, known as 2 Hazeldean Road, is steel framed, as are many of the new buildings under construction in Christchurch. The building sits on 12-14m-deep piles.

Arthur says the building is already fully tenanted, with demand outstripping supply in the Hazeldean Business Park. Calder Stewart Industries is also working on many other commercial and industrial buildings in the Canterbury district, and recently completed major projects for Fonterra, Synlait, Sleepyhead and Tegel. The company is also building a major new retail centre in Timaru.

For more information, contact Calder Stewart Industries, PO Box 8356, Christchurch 8041, phone (03) 338 0013. .

First published date: 19 December 2013

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