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Landmark Homes creates landmarks

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The Lincoln show home is by Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes creates landmarks


Home at last! Your new residence is a place of relaxation and respite from the world – where everything is exactly as you and your family want it, from the cladding to the quiet walls between rooms, the extra study and on down to the chic handles on the ensuite vanity.

A visit to a Landmark show home is an easy first step towards achieving the residence that is right for you. The award-winning company's engaging house designs, refined interior design options and classic construction skills all come together in every Landmark show home – such as in the substantial family-sized Lincoln seen here, says franchise holder Sarah McMullin.

"The two-storey Lincoln really is a true town or country design. It is compact enough for inner-city sites but is also a large family home well suited to lifestyle or rural locations."

The Lincoln's solid Linea weatherboard cladding and Gerard roof in Rockport Shingle are accentuated by extended rooflines and a pergola set over the patio French doors. Indoor-outdoor flow is an important part of the design, but the entire floor plan shows ergonomic awareness.

"The open-plan public spaces connect to a separate living room, an ideal layout for family living where no-one – adults or children – gets under anyone else's feet. Positioning two bedrooms upstairs as well as the master suite provides further flexibility for either a young or mature family.


"The Lincoln is about peace, quiet, and social gatherings as well as attention to personal space. And the home has its share of drama as well as convenience – the two-level entry atrium reaches up to the master suite landing above."

Besides good looks and intelligent design, the Lincoln shares another trait with other show homes by Landmark – a solid construction.

"This is why we have worked with James Hardie products for many years. The company's outstanding reputation – plus the feedback we get on our own designs – plays an important part," says McMullin. "On the Lincoln, it is the James Hardie Scyon Linea Weatherboards and Rockport Shingle roof tiles by Gerard Roofs that complement the design and bring a sense of enduring style and permanence."

Linea Weatherboard is made from Scyon, an advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance. The versatile product is resistant to fire and moisture damage from rot but it can also be gun nailed and is easy to cut.

"The 16mm profile on these weatherboards creates the deep shadows that make the house a pleasure to look at," McMullin says. "From a build perspective, Scyon Linea Weatherboard resist shrinking, swelling and cracking to hold paint longer. They are backed by the company's 25-year guarantee providing complete peace of mind for the future homeowner."

Under the Lincoln's extended eaves, the soffit linings are in James Hardie fibre cement linings. Along with strength and resistance to movement, the Scyon panels were well suited to the application of the home's dark colours.

Inside, James Hardie Secura Flooring panels underpin the central bathroom area. The water-resistant tongue-and-groove product requires no underlay, with waterproofing and tiles laid directly onto the surface.

Besides the cladding, the roof is possibly the most important element of a house in terms of initial impact and protecting your asset.

"The Rockport Shingle roof tiles by Gerard Roofs build on the refined appeal," says McMullin. "The textured natural-coloured surface of the tile gives the roof a warm, soft appearance. In addition, the tile has a three-dimensional look that changes mood with the time of day.

"Behind this appealing aesthetic, the home's worry-proof roof is all function. The tiles – formed in lightweight steel – are installed by Gerard certified roofers, with each one pinned at eight points. This provides a secure fit that won't fail come rain, wind or seismic event."

Offered in several colours, Gerard Rockport Shingle tiles also come with the benefit of a peace-of-mind, 50-year pro rata guarantee.

As well as the solid build and an interior flow that feels intuitive, the house is snug and warm year round. A directional layout that optimises natural light and afternoon warmth contributes to this, but so too does the flickering Escea fireplace in the living room.

"The size of the Lincoln ideally suited the Escea IB850 gas fireplace," says McMullin. "Escea fireplaces are zero rated, so they can be installed straight into timber framing – a straightforward process for the Lincoln.

"The fascia is the Quadrato in metallic silver with a strong square edge to ensure the fireplace stands out as the focal point within the room."

The fuel bed is modelled on river rocks found in the South Island. This alternative to traditional coals or logs is a highly effective showcase for the flames. With 9kW of heat output the Escea fireplace easily heats this area to a comfortable temperature in a short time, after which the fireplace's thermostat lowers the heat output to maintain the room temperature.

"Besides the many attractive features that go into a Landmark home, our greatest strength is to tweak our designs to meet the needs of our most thorough critic – you," says McMullin. "A central part of Landmark's process is not to rush your decisions. A house that truly lives up to your vision will take time to think through."

For more details on Landmark Homes and the broad range of plans on offer, freephone 0800 477 110. .

For more details on James Hardie, phone (09) 579 9919. .

For details on Escea Luxury Fireplaces, phone 03) 478 8220. .

For further details on Gerard Roofs, phone (09) 978 9028. .

First published date: 23 September 2012

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