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For an easy indoor-outdoor flow, take a look at the new Vistalite Foldback bifolds

Laid-back lifestyle


Windows and doors have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your home, so it makes sense to consider these in any renovation plans. Replacing joinery can enhance a traditional architectural design or add new, contemporary lines to a house. Durable, aluminium will also increase the functionality of your joinery.

For the renovation of the home featured on this page, architect Chris Bassett of Design Point specified Foldback bifold doors from Vistalite to replace existing sliding doors. The Foldback bifold is a patented system that allows the door panels to open back 180° against the outer wall. This makes the system space efficient and allows an uninterrupted flow.

The owners of the house, who have young children, say being able to fold all the glass panels back in this way makes it a safe, wide opening. And the indoor-outdoor flow is not compromised, making the house and deck ideal for entertaining.

The owners also say the new joinery is in keeping with the 1970s style of the house. Two unobtrusive Vistalite casement windows on adjacent walls help balance the exterior design.

Foldback® and Vistalite® are registered trademarks of Fletcher Aluminium.


For details, contact Vistalite West Auckland, 2/122 Railside Ave, Henderson, phone (09) 836 4527, fax (09) 835 2659. Email: or visit the .

First published date: 07 May 2004

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