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Kitchen appliances with a look for every kitchen design

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Smeg's Victoria, Retro, Classic, and Linea ranges offer advanced functionality in a variety of styles

Kitchen appliances with a look for every kitchen design


In terms of kitchen appliance design, modern functionality almost always holds sway – but close behind comes the pull of great looks. Smeg has made this balancing act a whole lot easier.

Smeg appliances are offered in four ranges – Victoria, Retro, Classic and Linea. Between them, there's an appliance style and design to suit every personality and every kitchen.

While differing in style, each boasts the latest technologies so you never compromise on strong functionality for the sake of design. For example, a retro-look Victoria oven comes with a contemporary induction cooktop as well as gas.

In addition, Smeg ranges can be mixed and matched to create a more individual look – the Retro range being the most versatile. The Victoria and Retro ranges go perfectly together, as do the Retro and Classic lines. And the Retro and the Linea work well together, too.

The solid-look Victoria responds to a love for traditional detail with its softly curving lines and bright chrome knobs – Victoria appliances fit in well with any design from country house to semi-industrial chic. The TRA4110 Victoria 110cm freestanding cooker is a Red Dot Design award winner.


However, if a crisp aesthetic that maximises the reflective nature of glass is important to you, then Linea is your best option. Ergonomic, light and balanced, the Linea range is available in everything from combi steam ovens to cooktops and coffee machines.

The Retro 50s range from Smeg celebrates vintage design with soft, curvaceous lines and vibrant colours. Boasting modern technologies behind traditional 50s looks, the Retro range is ideal for those wanting a stand-out icon of style.

The Classic series is the first designer line Smeg developed with the respected architect Guido Canali and highlights his distinctive-look control knobs and handles – featuring Eclipse black glass and stainless steel. The Classic range is available in cooktops, refrigerators, hoods, ovens, and freestanding cookers.

Smeg is available exclusively from Kitchen Things in New Zealand. For further details on the Linea, Victoria, Classic, and Retro ranges, visit the

First published date: 22 March 2017

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