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Kitchen and interior designer Celia Visser creates one-off spaces

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Visionary space planning and 25 years' experience mean every project by kitchen and interior designer Celia Visser is unique

Kitchen and interior designer Celia Visser creates one-off spaces


From her early days training at the NKBA while working for various design firms, kitchen and interior designer Celia Visser has always had a visionary eye for interiors.

Visser then progressed to running her own design company, creating stand-out solutions for her clients for nearly 25 years.

"One of my greatest skills as a designer is the ability to enter a space and see how it could be improved – sometimes radically," says Visser. "Rearranging, say, a kitchen, can have dramatic impact on its function and look – and on the connected spaces."

In addition, Visser is always on the look out for new design ideas, and the latest materials, surface treatments, and products.

"This is because I love creating designs that clients couldn't have come up with themselves. Everyone's an individual and so my customers deserve a one-off design, not a repeat of what's gone before."


Celia Visser often works on large scale projects involving multiple rooms and as such is also an adept project co-ordinator.

"My greatest pleasure is seeing clients' faces when we have totally exceeded their expectations – saying: ‘I wouldn't change a thing'. I think this is why so much of my work comes from word of mouth."

For details, contact Celia Visser Design, 54 College Hill, Auckland, call (09) 917 1794. Email:, or go to the

First published date: 12 January 2017

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