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Kilargo intumescent fire dampers

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Intumescent fire dampers from Smooth-Air Products

Kilargo intumescent fire dampers


Creating fire-resistant compartments to subdivide a building is a recognised method of limiting the spread of fire and smoke. However, unique solutions are required to ensure that these compartments remain well ventilated for the health and comfort of occupants.

Both natural and mechanical ventilation often require ductwork to pass through fire-resistant walls and floors – and effective sealing of these openings is critical. An appropriate sealing system will ensure fire-resistance levels are maintained, and help achieve tenable conditions within egress routes to allow easier evacuation and more effective intervention by fire fighters.

Kilargo intumescent fire dampers supplied by Smooth-Air Products provide an ideal, fully compliant solution. The dampers can be installed at the point where the fire-resistant wall or floor is penetrated. Each damper incorporates a series of parallel intumescent slats reinforced with impact-resistant steel edging, all housed in a rigid steel framework. Under normal conditions these dampers allow air to pass freely through the building. But in the event of a fire, the slats swell to many times their original thickness, fusing together to form a stable and effective barrier to flames and hot smoke.

Kilargo intumescent dampers have been used successfully in a large number of buildings in both New Zealand and Australia, including the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, shown at right. This project also features a full complement of other Kilargo (formerly Lorient Australia) fire, smoke and acoustic products.

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First published date: 19 June 2013

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