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Kettal’s showroom has traditional Spanish highlights

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The Kettal’s showroom, located in central Barcelona, has been redesigned to highlight its unique location as well as the Kettal’s brand

Studio Urquiola set out to highlight the character of the Kettal's brand with this project


When redesigning the Kettal’s showroom in the centre of Barcelona, Studio Urquiola set out to highlight its site-specificity while expressing the character of the brand. The result is a space where Mediterranean outdoor living is celebrated.

The architects revealed and emphasized typical Spanish architectural features such as the existing iron structure and the original brick vaults of the ceiling, as well as traditional typological features like the patio-courtyard and the extended use of ceramic tiles.

In order to take advantage of the double height of the space, Studio Urquiola introduced 3 different ‘boxes’, with each serving a different function. One box acts as a display, another as an exhibition surface and a final box as a patio.

A rectangular pattern, in various scales and modes, is distributed throughout the whole showroom, showcasing the unique touch of Studio Urquiola while adding colour, texture and an element of playfulness. The result is a space that matches Kettal’s identity.


First published date: 18 April 2017

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