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It's all about comfort

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You've chosen your designer, builder and fixtures. Now it's time to ensure home comforts are included. New EccoTherm™ paint can help insulate your home against temperature extremes

It's all about comfort


Home renovation projects are not just about gaining more space or updating interiors – they're also about creating a more comfortable living environment. It's a particularly important consideration for older homes, which often lack good insulation.

Achieving higher comfort levels isn't difficult, however. In fact, it can be as simple as putting two coats of paint on walls and ceilings.

New EccoTherm low-e acrylic paint from BM Pacific is formulated to improve both the look of your home and its thermal insulation. Thanks to new patented technology from German inventor Gerd Hugo, EccoTherm reflects radiant energy, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Barry Whalley, managing director of BM Pacific says using EccoTherm on the walls and ceiling can make a temperature difference of between 2 and 4°C.

"It's an ideal solution for older homes that may not be fully insulated or as well sealed as new houses," he says. "In any home, however, it can help to reduce energy costs quite significantly."


Whalley says considerable research has been carried out on mean radiant temperature as a measure of comfort levels.

"Researcher Peng Chen at Auckland University has determined that mean radiant temperature – the measure of the combined effects of the temperatures of surfaces within a space – has a greater impact on comfort levels than air temperature. This means that within a thermally efficient building, you can be assured of both comfort and low energy bills."

Whalley says EccoTherm's reflective properties backs up this research.

"EccoTherm reflects approximately 30% of radiant heat back into a room, compared with around 5% for standard paints. In summer the effect is reversed, with heat remaining outside, so your home stays cool."

Thermal insulation can be measured by r-value. The higher the number the better the insulation properties. Using two coats of EccoTherm paint can create a 20% improvement in r-value, says Whalley.

"Where no wall or cavity insulation exists, the benefits are significant."

EccoTherm has other, more visual advantages as well. The paint has a satin finish that creates a gentle shimmer effect.

"EccoTherm reflects light differently according to the time of day and the direction and intensity of the light source," says Whalley. "This produces subtle variations that can give walls a luminous vitality."

The EccoTherm fandeck features 40 soft, luminous colours, which are available through Benjamin Moore Colourworks stores nationwide. In addition, there's another palette of 32 colours created by Aalto Colour, available at Aalto stores.

For further information, contact BM Pacific, freephone 0800 335 335. Email: Or visit the .

First published date: 05 July 2005

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