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It's all about ambience

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Spotlights, task lights or mood lighting? It's not always easy to know how to create the right lighting effect. The knowledgeable consultants atLighthouse Lighting can help you achieve the look you want

It's all about ambience


Lighting design is a crucial part of a new home project – lighting effects, products and energy efficiency are all things to be considered at the outset.

But while most people know the effect they want to create with the lighting in a particular space, they don't always know how to achieve this. Peter Leong, general manager of Lighthouse Lighting, says this is where skilled and knowledgeable consultants are essential.

"We have noticed that many people will choose a light fitting because it is something they like the look of. But their first decision needs to be about the lighting effect they want to create – the products should come second."

Leong says consultants at Lighthouse Lighting stores know exactly what is required to create the right effect.

"Our consultants also know what will work for your lifestyle, and they can also advise on energy-efficient solutions."


Lighthouse Lighting displays are arranged for maximum aesthetic appeal, and to make it easy to compare different products. There is also a new catalogue that highlights the extensive range of lighting products, which are imported from Europe and the United States.

For more information, or to find details of your nearest Lighthouse store, visit the .

First published date: 04 July 2011

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