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Invisible protection

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Stop your building's exterior from being destroyed by taggers by investing in a protection system from Graffiti Solutions

Invisible protection


The age-old saying that prevention is better than cure is never more apt than when it comes to protecting an office, retail outlet or other commercial building from being ruined by graffiti.

Neon-coloured spray can cause irreparable damage unless a shield has been applied prior to the attack, says Graffiti Solutions managing director Steve Harris.

"Protective coatings offered by Graffiti Solutions are unobtrusive, usually invisible and specifically tailored to individual buildings," Harris says.

Usually three or four protective coats will be applied to the same exterior because of the variety of constructions materials such as stone, marble or glass.

"We have the experience to advise on and apply a protection system specific to any building," Harris says.


Graffiti Solutions will often conduct trials before the final application to ensure the correct shield is used. Should the building suffer an attack, the company will then clean it off, leaving no damage to the base surface.

For details, contact Graffiti Solutions, PO Box 12-914, Penrose, Auckland, phone (09) 525 5722, fax (09) 525 5718. Email:

First published date: 12 October 2003

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