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Invisible helper – Hideaway bins for the laundry

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For a tidy laundry Hideaway Bins has a hidden solution

Invisible helper – Hideaway bins for the laundry


Tired of seeing that heap of clothes on the laundry floor, or of finding a lost red sock has left its mark on your whites? Now there is a clever way to keep your washing organised and out of sight – and the laundry looking good.

The team at Hideaway Bins has added the Hideaway Laundry Hamper to its range of under-counter storage solutions, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen.

"Whether to hide your washing, to store extra linen or for use as a removable clothes basket, the Laundry Hamper offers a handy ally in your laundry or bathroom.

"These hampers hold 60L of washing and are made from durable polypropylene plastic with smooth contoured sides. Air vents ensure moisture reduction and the hamper's moulded handles are comfortable to use. The hamper also features a solid base to protect the carcass from drips.

"Running on German soft close tracks with a zinc-treated steel frame, this innovative, hidden solution meets all the laundry demands of a busy household."


A single 60L Laundry Hamper will keep your laundry off the floor and away from view. Installing two, side by side, is an easy way to separate clothes as you go.

For details, contact Hideaway Bins, phone 09 426 7456. Or visit the website:

First published date: 06 October 2013

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