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Consummate design that integrates lifestyle with sophisticated electronic advantages is shown in these apartments from Seismic Corporation

Intelligent outlook


Making the most of your home environment can involve more than a thoughtful positioning of the furniture. The world of technology now offers diverse advantages to the home owner. Many of today's sought-after apartment developments integrate these technologies to maximise their lifestyle advantages.

Seismic creates living environments that utilise technology to provide optimum functionality for their owners, says director Dave Renwick.

"For example, the Dixon Street apartments were designed with close consideration for the time and labour saving advantages of a high-tech world," says Renwick. "The apartments offer full home theatre, sound system and home security facilities, all controlled via a touch screen monitor located in the kitchen area."

The living room comes complete with a home cinema set-up with a multi-channel surround sound system. A projector mounted on a purpose-built rack is paired with Panasonic's all-in-one DVD player, a sky decoder and video – all remotely controlled by a mobile phone.

"This technology is already well-proven in the market place," he says. "It is as simple as downloading the software from the internet and away you go. Owners have a choice of control options: all-in-one remotes, PDAs or mobile phones.


"The touch screen in the kitchen fronts a powerful computer, purpose-built for a host of entertainment and functional features, such as collecting email, watching TV or a DVD, shopping online or simply listening to music."

The apartments range from 289m2 to 312m2 over three floors. They feature two lounges with decks, large kitchens, wine cellar and urban views.

As well as a careful integration of the latest labour-saving electronics, the apartments all features solid construction materials and techniques.

For more information, contact Seismic Corporation, PO Box 24089, Wellington 6015, phone 021 286 5012. Email:

First published date: 12 October 2003

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