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A high level of specification is evident throughout Lumley Centre's interior, from the intricately planned foyer through to lighting and office design

Inside story


Lighting and air conditioning are two elements of office design crucial to workplace comfort. Thorn Lighting had a particular recessed light fitting that would satisfy both these requirements, and were approved for the Lumley project in consultation with Singer Group.

Quattro V-Line lighting units were redesigned specifically to meet Beca's requirements. The units needed to provide adequate lighting for the total office environment while fulfilling an air conditioning function. It was important that the air handling slots did not interfere with the unit's primary function, and also that they did not affect the aesthetic appeal of the entire unit.

The units are purpose-built for Armstrong Prelude XL-type ceiling systems, and are designed to be easily installed either parallel with or at right angles to ceiling grids. The unit body is steel with a highly reflective powder coat finish, and the louvres are made from low-iridescent, semi-specular aluminium, which gives an even distribution of light.

Thorn Lighting also supplied downlights and water-resistant Aquaforce under-veranda fittings for the car parks.

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First published date: 03 November 2005

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