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Inspiration for your home interior can come from many sources. Bos Design presents examples from leading suppliers

Inside story


Keeping up with trends in interior design is not something many people think about – until they are faced with the prospect of replacing furniture or redecorating. Often, a move to a new house or apartment provides the stimulus for a change.

Such projects need not be daunting, however. Bos Design specialises in providing a full range of interior design services, with stores featuring the latest trends in furniture design and textiles, for both contemporary and classical looks.

Director Loes Bos says it can be very difficult to know what is, or isn't, fashionable if you haven't altered your home's interior for several years.

"For many people, it‘s important to choose items that won't date quickly, especially if you want to keep your furniture for a long time," she says. "This is where the Bos Design consultants can help, whether it is simply offering advice on colour and fabrics, or creating and implementing and entire interior scheme."

Loes Bos says the company selects showrooms that can provide consultancy services and can specify the right furniture for clients.


The company's own furniture range is indicative of key design directions. In keeping with the move towards streamlined, uncluttered interiors, the range includes stainless steel furniture, such as the Hamburg dining table featured on these pages, which is matched with stainless steel and black leather chairs.

Bos Design manufactures a wide variety of armchairs, sofas, consoles and coffee tables. These are placed in room settings in selected stores, complete with accessories, such as lamps, cushions, rugs and other decorative items.

For further information, or to talk to a professional consultant at Bos Design stores in Auckland, or Bos stockists nationwide. See page 74.

First published date: 22 September 2003

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