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Creating a home with longevity running through its bones is simple with Tanalised® timber products from Koppers Arch

Inside advantage


When viewed from the outside, some houses look like they'll be around for years to come. But it's what's on the inside that determines which homes will really last the distance.

A new home or renovation has a good chance of longevity if its wooden skeleton is treated to give it a natural advantage.

Koppers Tanalised® technology greatly extends the life of today's building timbers by intensifying the wood's own natural defence systems, says group general manager marketing Graeme Rees.

Tanalised treated timber products from Koppers Arch feature on the structure, exterior and interior of this home, by developer Adrian Rowan.

"Quite simply, we choose Tanalised treated products for our projects because they have a much longer life expectancy," says Rowan. "This small added expense at the outset of a job will future proof the home for 50 years. Knowing that a home's timber structure has in-built protection against rot also delivers peace of mind to our clients."


Tanalised products have a distinctive diamond-shaped logo, and are available in several different treatments, all with the Tanalised guarantee.

"The guarantees range from 25 years for structural timbers to 50 years for heavy-duty, in-ground uses," says Rees.

Tanalised wood products are available from suppliers throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific islands.

For more information, contact Koppers Arch, phone (09) 276 3646. .

First published date: 12 January 2005

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