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The style of this modern kitchen was inspired by the commanding presence of appliances from Smeg

Influential design


Creativity can be an ethereal concept. Often when you ask an artist where an idea came from, they are at a loss to explain. But in this kitchen, the designer was quite clear – she was inspired by an appliance range.

Debra DeLorenzo from DeLorenzo Design says the Smeg freestanding cooker and rangehood had such presence, they influenced the entire look of the kitchen.

"By using the Smeg stove, brick tiles and the square-lined Smeg rangehood, I created an updated version of an old style chimney coal range," says DeLorenzo.

"The great thing about the Smeg free- standing stove is that it is has an enduring appeal. It will look good in a contemporary setting, as well as in a renovation."

In addition to their bold design statement, a key aspect of both Smeg appliances is their multifunctional appeal.


The main oven of the Smeg cooker has nine separate functions and the auxiliary oven has four. This makes it especially suitable for entertaining.

The cooker has six gas burners and an additional electric teppanyaki plate.

Cooking odours rapidly disappear through the Smeg chimney hood, which has an extraction rate of up to 750m3 per hour. The four-speed fan is powerful, yet quiet, with a noise level of just 40-50 dB.

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First published date: 18 January 2006

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