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In the pink – new VibrAcoustic tub technology from Kohler

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Bathroom innovations from Kohler

In the pink – new VibrAcoustic tub technology from Kohler


Technological advances for the home have now extended to the bathroom, making the daily routine that much easier and more enjoyable.

Kohler has just released the Underscore VibrAcoustic bathtub, which incorporates a new technology that offers sound therapy. Ann Roever, business director for Kohler bathing products, describes VibrAcoustic technology as a multi-dimensional experience.

"It's like going to a rock concert – you can hear and feel the music and vibrations throughout your body. It's an experience that can fit any mood, depending on the music you choose. You can relax and unwind, or rev up for a busy day or a fun night out."

Roever says VibrAcoustic technology integrates music, vibration and lighting that encourages your breathing rate to align with the beats or chord structures.

"The bather cannot help but drift into deep relaxation."


Also new from Kohler is the Numi smart toilet with integrated bidet functionality. The Numi also comes with a sleek, interactive LCD touchscreen interface, built-in music system, heated seat and an intuitive automated lid.

And there's no need to miss the news or your favorite game while you are getting ready to go out. The Robern TViD mirrored bath cabinet has a television integrated within the door.

For more details, contact Kohler, phone 1800 4 Kohler. .

First published date: 18 December 2012

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