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In the mood – customised lighting by Lighthouse

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Customised lighting by Lighthouse

In the mood – customised lighting by Lighthouse


There is a tendency for homeowners to rush straight into a lighting store to select fittings before determining more broadly what is required. The outcome may be less than adequate, with sub-optimal lighting conditions and low user satisfaction.

Talking with Lighthouse lighting design experts at the beginning of your project will ensure you get the best overall solution. Lighthouse lighting consultants can walk you through the process, covering everything from task requirements, mood setting, the shape of the space, and things to be emphasised or hidden, to the direction and method of lighting.

General manager Peter Leong says consultants at Lighthouse stores know exactly what is required to create the right effect and have specialised software to calculate lighting parameters and to visualise the space and perspective.

"Our consultants also know what will work for your lifestyle, and they can advise on energy-efficient solutions."

Lighthouse Lighting displays are arranged for maximum aesthetic appeal, and to make it easy to compare different products. A catalogue highlights the extensive range of lighting products, imported from Europe and the United States.


For more information, or to find details of your nearest Lighthouse store, visit the .

First published date: 26 September 2011

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