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Lighting plays a special role in enhancingthe ambience and décor of our homes

In the mood


Carefully considered lighting is vital in creating the right atmosphere in our homes. It can be used to highlight features, accent-uate colours and textures, and enhance mood.

The contemporary-styled home pictured on these pages is a good example of how effective well-selected lighting can be. Its modern interior features a predominantly grey palette, warmed by richly toned furnishings.

Lighting Direct designed and supplied all of the home's lighting. The company offers a complete range of lighting options for interior and exterior applications.

Dean Fullford, general manager of Lighting Direct, says rather than concealing light fittings in contemporary homes such as this one, the latest look is to highlight them.

Square-shaped halogen downlights with matt metallic-grey fittings feature in most of the rooms and complement the design's sophisticated edge.


"Stainless steel or metallic grey finishes are in big demand for downlights to complement window joinery and other fittings," says Fullford.

The crisp, white light produced by halogen is also favoured over incandescent lights for modern home designs, he says.

Lighting is used to accent some of the home's architectural and decorative features.

Other lighting in the house includes wall lights with white glass and a clear glass rim, smaller halogen lights in the living-room niches, and Visor step lights, which have been used to illuminate the stairs and hallways. When combined with overhead lighting, these provide a more subtle option, creating a soft glow just above floor level.

For additional information or details of your nearest retail outlet, contact Lighting Direct, phone (09) 273 3444, fax (09) 273 3993. .

First published date: 22 September 2003

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