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In the mirror

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The new wave of televisions from H2Otv can be found in some surprising places

In the mirror


Running late, brushing your teeth but still want to catch the news? Simple, just reach forward and turn on the television in your mirror.

No, this is not a futuristic sci-fi movie, it is an achievable reality. H2Otv offers architectural television solutions for some unusual situations and applications – from sleek commercial environments to pool areas, says owner Graham Osborne.

"H2Otv's Living Mirror TV is a case in point – an advanced architectural-visual system that hides a high-definition LCD television in the mirror," says Osborne.

The waterproof television includes a special polarised system embedded in the glass, controlling light transmittance and reflection. With the television turned off you are simply looking at a large mirror.

Similarly, this technology allows for the inclusion of a television in a waiting room or boardroom, retail area or hairdressing salon – anywhere that would benefit from a discreet electronic profile and a wow factor.


H2Otv also offers water-impervious, large-format televisions for bathroom or outdoor use, featuring the latest LED LCD technology. The 42in glass panels boast a slender profile and their clarity is not diminished by steam or poor weather.

For more information, contact H2Otv, PO Box 33-500, Christchurch 8244, phone 0800 H2o tvs (426 887). Email: .

First published date: 15 December 2010

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