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New purpose-built premises for a leading housing company have raised the profile of both Stonewood Homes and the design-build firm, Calder Stewart Industries

In the limelight


A custom-designed building provides an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of a company, and it's even more beneficial when it's a commanding site on a busy city thoroughfare.

The new Christchurch head office for leading housing company Stonewood Homes was a design-build project by Calder Stewart Industries. Harvey Tyler, project manager for Calder Stewart's development division, says the firm commissioned Mason & Wales Architects to design the building, which needed to reflect the Stonewood Homes business and the company's values.

"The building needed to be inviting, rather than intimidating, so it has a residential, human scale," Tyler says. "The solid materials reinforce this connection – natural stone and cedar feature prominently in Stonewood Homes houses. But while they are traditional materials, here they are used in a contemporary way."

Other significant architectural features include cedar struts that support extended eaves; and expressed steel columns. The double-height lobby creates a sense of arrival, but is not overpowering.

The building has a shear wall-eccentrically braced frame (EBF) steel structural system, and features several sustainable design initiatives.


"The building has high-performance glass, is well insulated and benefits from passive solar gain in winter," says Tyler. "Stonewood Homes also installed photovoltaic panels on the roof, which generate electricity for the building. This is an option the firm makes available for its own clients."

Tyler says Calder Stewart was able to complete the building on schedule before Christmas, so employees were able to start work in the new premises in the New Year.

Mitchell Mackersy Lawyers acts for the building owners – a private investment group. The building is managed by Maori Hill Property.

For more information, contact Calder Stewart Industries, PO Box 8356, Christchurch 8041, phone (03) 338 0013. .

First published date: 26 May 2014

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